Hair knowledge

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Do you know these secrets about hair? 


Why does vitamin C deficiency cause hair to break and split easily?

Cause: Among all vitamins, vitamin C is the most closely related to skin and hair. It is called omnipotent cosmetology because vitamin C is not only recognized as an antioxidant nutrient, but also has the function of maintaining normal secretion of sebaceous glands. If the human body lacks of vitamin C, the human skin will inexplicably appear cyanosis or gum swelling and bleeding, and the human hair will easily break and bifurcate.

These skin and hair problems arise from vitamin C deficiency. Because when vitamin C is deficient, the oxygen free radicals produced in the human body are very active because of the lack of natural enemies, attacking the protein and nucleic acid in cells everywhere, thus affecting the metabolism of skin and hair, and consequently causing skin aging and hair dryness, fragility and split

Improvement methods: It is not difficult to obtain vitamin C. A large number of natural foods, especially fresh vegetables and fruits, are rich in vitamin C. As long as they are not  dietary bias, the phenomenon of hair breaking and split caused by vitamin C deficiency is not difficult to solve.

Why does inadequate protein intake cause hair loss?

Cause: To answer this question, we first need to find out what constitutes hair. According to the analysis of hair, 90% of hair ingredients are protein, in addition to calcium, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt and other trace elements and water, so we can say: hair is made of protein. Since protein is the basic substance of hair, if the human protein intake is less than 50 grams per day, it will cause serious protein deficiency and malnutrition in the human body, and the corresponding pathological changes will occur in the body organs. Hair will be significantly affected, withered, sparse, fragile and even fall off.

Improvement methods: In daily life, we should eat more protein-rich foods, such as fish and other seafood, soybeans, peanuts, etc. to supplement the nutrients needed for hair, which is conducive to the health of hair.

Why does high thyroid function cause hair loss?

Cause: Thyroid is an endocrine gland located below the anterior larynx of the neck. The hormones secreted by thyroid gland can regulate the metabolism of cells in the whole body and control the metabolism of human skin and hair. If the thyroid function is too high and the secretion of thyroid hormones is excessive, the metabolism of the human body will exceed the normal state, the body will continue to heat up, people become both afraid of heat and prone to sweating, very sensitive to damp and heat, difficult to fall asleep at night, energy shows excessive. At the same time, due to the rapid metabolism of the body, resulting in excessive nutrient consumption, hair becomes quite dry under the dual effects of excessive metabolism and nutritional deficiency, and it is very easy to break and fall off. Its hair loss symptoms are similar to androgen alopecia, but the hair loss surface is more dispersed and can spread throughout the head.

Improvement methods: Alopecia caused by high thyroid function should start from the source of alopecia and cure the primary diseases with high thyroid function. Then alopecia caused by high thyroid function will be improved to a certain extent.